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Kelly writes: "I work for Disney, so, how would I sign, 'Have a magical day?'"

Dear Kelly,
There "is" a sign for magic. However, the MAGIC sign doesn't have the same range of meaning as the English word "magic." When you say "magical" in the context of a "Disney Resort" it paints a picture of "a special, wonderful, and fun experience."
"Have a magical day!" is an encouragement have a day full of experiences that seem "magic-like."
And while it is certainly possible that you could sign something to the effect of MAGIC-SAME, it could be problematic since many Deaf are unfamiliar with and/or do not recognize the sign MAGIC.
Many Deaf simply "spell out" the word m-a-g-i-c.
For a quick, safe, and solid way to extend "well wishes" I would recommend you use the signs: "ENJOY WONDERFUL DAY" or maybe even, "ENJOY FUN WONDERFUL DAY!"
Dr. Bill

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