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ASL: "joke"

"JOKE" has both a signed form and a fingerspelled form. If "joke" is fingerspelled it is typically being used as a noun. If JOKE is signed we must rely on context to decide whether it is being used as a noun or a verb.

JOKE / joking / teasing


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The word joke is often fingerspelled in the Deaf Community. When fingerspelled the concept is typically being used as a noun.  The signed version can also be used as a noun depending on context.


Let me provide for you an example where we see the "signed" version of joke being used as a noun in the phrase " more funny joke." See the 22 second mark.  The subtitles (provided by SVRS) further confirm that the language model is using the sign JOKE as a noun.

If for some reason the Youtube video goes away, here are a couple of screen grabs:

Source: SVRS (Oct. 1, 2015) "Deaf Awareness Month 2015: One Last Joke," Sorenson Video Relay Service, Retrieved 2/2/2019 from: (video ID: bN4Vsf_jM2w at time code: 22 seconds)

Also see: "TEASE"


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