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JEALOUS: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "jealous / envious"

Jealous and envy can both be shown with the same sign that uses an "X" handshape near the corner of the mouth.  Imagine sticking a fish hook into your lip and then twisting and pulling it a bit. (Um, sorry, not the most pleasant of visualizations eh? But then again, envy is seldom pretty.)




Sample sentence: "Is your boyfriend the jealous type?" = YOUR BOYFRIEND JEALOUS EASY?


There is an initialized version of the sign "JEALOUS" sign that is specifically interpreted as "jealous."  Even though this initialized version is fairly widely used by lots of people, I recommend you stick with the more general "X"-hand version (above).



Memory aid:  If you to study human behavior you may notice that sometimes when people experience the emotion of envy or jealousness they may stick the tip of one of their fingers into their mouth and bite it a bit.


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