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American Sign Language: "janitor"

There are several variations for this sign. Make sure to scroll down and check 'em all out so you can do well on any quizzes you may take.

The main version is based on the "SWEEP" sign.
Do a forward sweeping movement with your dominant hand as if sweeping crumbs off of the palm of your non-dominant hand. Do this twice then add the "PERSON" sign.


JANITOR (version)

Sample sentence:  Do you know the name of the janitor for this building?



In context you can often sign "SWEEP" (using a double movement) without using the "person" sign and it will be understood to mean "janitor."




There is a variation of the sign for "janitor" that looks somewhat as if you are holding onto the handle of a mop and you push it forward twice and then show the "person" sign.

JANITOR-("mop version")

JANITOR-("mop version")


There is another version of the JANITOR / "mopper" variation. This version combines the verb "mopping" with the "PERSON/agent" sign.

JANITOR-("mop version 2")


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