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To learn the sign for "internet" please see the INTERNET page.


In a message dated 9/1/2012 7:20:23 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, akagoddess03@ asks:
How do you say "surfing the internet" or "surfing the web?" Would it be "scanned the internet" or even "browsed" instead?
- Elie in Indiana

Dear Elie,
"Surfing the net" is signed several different ways depending on context.
In a high context situation (one in which your previous sentences have made it obvious that you are talking about using the internet) you would simply do the sign "INTERNET" and it would be understood that you are "surfing" it.
The most common sign used for "surfing" the internet is the SEARCH sign. This is especially the right choice if you are indeed actually looking for something on the internet.
You could use the sign "INVESTIGATE" (as in "check out, research).
You could build a sentence around the concept, YESTERDAY ALL-DAY WASTE INTERNET ME.
Signer A: YESTERDAY what-DO YOU?
Signer B: I/ME INTERNET all-DAY!
You could also sign "INTERNET LOOK-AROUND"
- Dr. Bill

>In a message dated 4/25/2007 9:17:43 AM Pacific Daylight Time, cynkaniski@ writes:
>Dr. Bill,
>Are there any signs for "internet" or "world wide web?" Last year my students tried to sign WORLD + WIDE (fs) web, but I thought that was wrong.
>You input please.
>Cynthia Kaniski
>Yes, certainly.
>For "internet" See: _
>For the world wide web I just spell: WEB. Or I do a W and slide/bounce it to the right a bit. Which ends up looking like WW instead of WWW but it works well. I even sign "MY WW" to mean "my website."

Thanks! After seeing the sign, I realized that I had known that sign...when I was an interpreter for CAD classes (oh so many years ago), I had used that sign. W-W-W is easier.
Thanks again for your help!

Note here is an older sign for INTERNET.  This sign could now be used for concepts like "CONVERGENCE" or a "WORLD WIDE NETWORK."   Do NOT use this sign for "Internet." It might get you laughed at or raise a few eyebrows.  Again, if you need to sign "CONVERGENCE" then this is a fine sign to use.

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