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ASL: "instead" (instead of, a replacement for, for, on behalf of, replace)

REPLACE / instead of / a replacement for / for / on behalf of





Dear Dr. Bill,
Hi. I know religions aren't all the same signs but several times I have watched interpreters online (I can't understand but want to try.) and I see them sign 'instead of' when the word voiced is 'for'. Other times they use the sign 'for' that is on the forehead.
- Sara C.



Hello Sara!
The INSTEAD-of sign can be thought of as meaning "in our stead" or "in place of us."
The idea being that when someone says "Jesus died for us" it really means that he died "in our stead" or instead of us.
You could choose to sign "FOR" in that sentence and it would still make sense but by using INSTEAD in that sentence it conveys a more specific (and powerful) meaning.
- Dr. Bill



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