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American Sign Language:  "India"


Version 1: 
Form your dominant hand into an "A"-handshape (with the thumb sticking out a bit) and then touch the tip of your thumb to your forehead and twist it twice.

Version 2: 
Form your dominant hand into a "1"-handshape [also called an "index-finger"-handshape] and twist the tip of your finger on your forehead twice.


I've seen people do the INDIA sign using a tapping movement. I've also seen it done with a pinkie finger (also called an "i"-hand).  I do not recommend tapping, nor do I recommend using the pinkie finger. 

A colleague of mine has started doing a version of "INDIA" that touches the tip of an "X"-handshape to the cheek just under the eye and then turning it palm-forward and moving it forward using a jabbing movement that causes the sign to resemble a version of "NOTICE-something."  She says her friend from India uses it.  While that may be the case, I've not seen that version used on ANY of the major sites nor the hands of any of my Deaf friends and associates (other than this one person).  If that version happens to spread and become popular it will be time to record and post it. I suppose you could go over to my NOTICE page and check out the one handed version of "NOTICE" to see what her  version looks like (minus the facial expression I'm doing in that example).


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