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in / enter


Note: This sign can be used to mean "inside" by doing the movement twice but using a smaller motion the second time.

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Hi Bill:

I can't remember what a particular sign means, and not having a reverse look-up dictionary, I'm stuck. What is the meaning of:

Left closed 5-hand in front palm down. Right closed 5-hand palm down starts above and behind it, noses down to slide underneath it, and arches upward coming out the other side. It's basically the same sign as the second half
of the sign for heaven.

At your convenience. Thanks.


That sign could be "ENTER."
Especially if the left hand has a bit of a curve.
When you say, "behind it" if you mean right hand swoops under the left the thumb side of the palm down left flat hand and comes out on the pinkie side of the left hand as if a small animal entering its burrow, then I think that is definitely your mystery sign.
Here's an example:


animation: ENTER

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