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ICE: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "ice"

Common meanings of the word "ICE" are either fingerspelled or conveyed by the sign for "FREEZE."







Sample sentence: Do you want ice?



If you want to discuss the activity of 'ICE SKATING' a common sign is:



A common sign for "ICE CREAM" is:


Sample sentence:  What kind of ice cream do you like?



If you are referring to "ICE" as in "Immigration and Customs Enforcement" you would fingerspell I-C-E and depending on who you are conversing with add context or expand.



If you are referring to the English slang for "ICE" meaning "to kill, especially murder" as in (The mobsters threatened to ice him if he went to the police.) One way to sign that concept is to use the sign for KILL:






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