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American Sign Language: "How was your day?"

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Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am hearing. I've always been really interested in learning in other languages and I'm interested in learning ASL. Your site is the one that pops up the most when I search for signs online. I really like it and it's been helpful so far. I really would enjoy the opportunity to sign with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing because it's generally the best way to actually learn a language. I'm so used to English that it is hard for me to leave out filler words and get the grammar right. I was thinking about it today and I was wondering how to sign "How was your day?" After reading through someone your practise questions to get a feel for the grammar, the 'translation' I came up with was 'YOU DAY, HOW?', signing it by pointing to the person, signing DAY and then signing HOW and attempting to use proper facial expressions (which is hard for me, partially because I tend to smile at the most inconvenient times). I was just wondering if there was a better way to sign that sentence.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read my e-mail and I'd be grateful for your opinion.

The phrase  "How was your day?" is more of a Hearing World phrase than a Deaf phrase.

Usually in English there is an unspoken aspect of the phrase "How was your day?" For example:
The word "work" as in: "How was your day at work?"
The word "school" as in "How was your day at school?"
Or some other word such as "beach" as in "How was your day at the beach?"

In such situations in ASL you instead ask something to the effect of:
1.  WORK PROCESS GOOD?  (Did work go well?)
2.  SCHOOL ALRIGHT?  (Was school alright for you? Where there any problems?)

3.  YOU ENJOY BEACH YOU? (Did you enjoy going to the beach?)

-- Dr. Bill

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