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American Sign Language: "how-much"

The sign "how much" is what I call a "wh-q" sign.  That means since it falls into a category of questions that typically start with the letters "wh" (who, what, when, where, why, etc. -- including "how" and "how much"). You should furrow your eyebrows a bit when asking such questions. (Unless you are asking them in a rhetorical sense only.) 

The sign "how-much" has several variations. If you mean "How much is that?" or "How much did it cost?" a good variation to use is the one-handed version that moves upward while changing a palm-up "O" into a loose-5 handshape.  This is actually just a one-handed version of the sign "HOW-MANY?"



Sample sentence: "How much should you tip a waitress?" = SERVER, YOU SHOULD TIP HOW-MUCH?


If you mean "how much" as in "How much is that worth?". "What is that worth?". and/or "What is the value or price of that?" a good version to do is the "worth" version.

Use "F" handshapes. The tips of the thumbs and index fingers on each hand move together and touch the tips on the other hand-twice.

WORTH = "value / price / how much"


Suppose you wanted to discuss "volume" or "amounts?"  As in, "How much salt should I put in?" You may see some people combining the sign "HOW" with the sign "A-LOT."

HOW-MUCH-(volume) ("HOW" + "A-LOT" variation)

But realistically you can just use the one-handed version of "HOW-MANY" to mean "how much" in most situations, including, "How much salt?" or even "How-much should you tip your ASL instructor?"


Dr. Bill's Notes:
For the answer to that "How much should you tip your ASL instructor?" question, see the "a lot" page: A-LOT

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