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American Sign Language: "Holland"

There are a couple of signs for "Holland." Both are well known in the American Deaf Community.  I used to use the two-handed (hat) version as my main version but then I realized I couldn't eat a sandwich and sign Holland at the same time. So, making the only logical choice I switched to the one-handed (pipe) version and have been much happier and fulfilled ever since.

Version 1: Hold a "Y" hand in front of your face and then move it down, forward, and back up again in an arc. Memory aid: Think of someone from Holland smoking a pipe.



The other version of "Holland" is based on the traditional (old) Holland-style hat.
Start with modified-"C"-hands on either side of your head and change them to flattened "O" hands as you move both hands out (to your sides) in a small arc.

Holland:  (Version 2)


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