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HOLLAND: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "Holland"

There are a couple of signs for "Holland." Both are well known in the American Deaf Community.  I used to use the two-handed (hat) version as my main version but then I realized I couldn't eat a sandwich and sign Holland at the same time. So, making the only logical choice I switched to the one-handed (pipe) version and have been much happier and fulfilled ever since.

Version 1: Hold a "Y" hand in front of your face and then move it down, forward, and back up again in an arc. Memory aid: Think of someone from Holland smoking a pipe.




The other version of "Holland" is based on the traditional (old) Holland-style hat.
Start with modified-"C"-hands on either side of your head and change them to flattened "O" hands as you move both hands out (to your sides) in a small arc.

Holland:  (Version 2)



Sample sentence: Does Holland have many flowers?






Additional reading:

"The word "Holland" literally meant "wood-land" in Old English and originally referred to people from the Northern region of the Netherlands."

(Source: Why are people from the Netherlands called Dutch? (n.d.) In Retrieved January 28, 2021, from,northern%20region%20of%20the%20Netherlands.)


"The Netherlands has officially decided it will only be called the Netherlands. In the past, the country's name was interchangeable with calling it Holland, leading to quite a bit of confusion for tourists. Technically, Holland specifically refers to two of the 12 provinces found in the Netherlands, North Holland and South Holland. The decision was made to rebrand the Netherlands' international reputation and managing an overflow of tourists who go to the country to visit Amsterdam, but no other areas, according to Forbes."

(Source: The Netherlands Will No Longer Be Called Holland (January, 7, 2020) In Travel & Leisure. Retrieved January 28, 2021, from

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