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American Sign Language: "help"

he sign for "help" is made by forming a loose-thumb-A hand (or even an "S" hand) and lifting it with your other hand. 
Some people will tell you the "A" hand should be your right hand. Others will tell you it should be your left hand.
The reality of the matter is if you look this sign up in a half-dozen different sources you are going to see it done several different ways.

I'm showing you a good solid way below how to do it.
Remember though -- do the sign however your local teacher does it until you get the grade you want -- then also develop relationships with local native Deaf adult signers and do it the way the locals do it. (Tip: That means you are going to actually have to interact with some local Deaf if you are going to become truly fluent at this language.)


HELP: "Do you need help?"

Sample sentence: "Did your mom help you learn to read?" = YOUR MOM HELP-you LEARN READ?

Note: The sign for HELP is directional.  If you start it near yourself and move it toward someone else in and up, forward, then down arch it means "I will help you" or "I helped you" or (if you do it with raised eyebrows) "Do you want me to help you?"  You don't need separate signs for "ME" and "YOU."

If you are talking to someone in front of you and start the sign off to the right of you and bring it nearer to you it means, "he-HELP-me."





If you start the sign near the other person and bring it toward yourself it means:  "You help me." If you do it with raised eyebrows, "Will you help me?" 

Example: "Would you mind helping me tomorrow?"
= TOMORROW you-HELP-me you-MIND?


Some people do the sign "help" with an "S" hand.
I don't do it like that. Neither does my wife.
She really doesn't like the "S" variation. So if you are taking her class you should really not do it that way. (Wink.)
But hey if YOUR local instructor or friend does the sign "help" with an "S" just nod and smile and accept their help.

HELP (variation)

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