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American Sign Language:  Helen Keller's name sign

Dear Bill,
I am tutoring a hearing student in sign language who is doing a report on Helen Keller. The student would like to know if Helen Keller had a name sign. I've always fingerspelled her name but I told the student I would ask around. Do you know of a name sign for her?
Thank you,
- Cindy


Helen Keller's name sign is done by signing the letter H then K near the side of the eye.  (Or at least that is the concept. The "H" ends up more like a "U" due to the stress on the wrist of signing an "H" in that location.)
The world experts on Helen Keller's name-sign would be the folks at the Helen Keller Center for the Deaf-Blind.
You might want to check with them to see what version they use.
If they differ, please do let me know.
- Bill

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