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American Sign Language: "feet"

The general sign for "feet" (as in those things at the end of your legs) is done by pointing downward at your feet.  First point at one foot, and then make a little arcing movement and point at the other foot.

FEET (general, human)
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After you have identified that you are discussing a certain type of feet.

FEET (human, classifier, depictive sign version)
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FEET (bird, classifier, depictive sign version)

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FEET (cloven-footed animal, classifier, depictive sign version)

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FEET (hoofed animal, classifier, depictive sign version)

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FEET (human feet wearing "high heels", classifier, depictive sign version)


If you are talking about a distance measured in "feet" then the way to sign that would be to fingerspell "FT" after stating the number.

FEET (unit of measurement)

If you are discussing the height of a person, the concept of "feet" is incorporated into the signing of the number. For example, if you wanted to state that someone is about "five foot seven inches" you would sign: APPROXIMATE 5-(foot) 7-(inch) -- wherein the 5 would be done higher than the normal fingerspelling position and the 7 would be done a bit further to the right of (and perhaps a little bit higher than) where you did the number 5. You would not need a separate sign for "feet" nor "inches" in that situation because the meaning is obvious from the context and from the location (up near the head) in which you are doing the numbers.

FEET (height of a human)


In a message dated 1/8/2013 12:25:35 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, tarasalazar______ writes:
Dr. Vicars,
I recently started trying to teach myself sign language and came across your website and am thrilled to start learning from it. I have a 1 year old daughter that I am teaching baby sign but that was why I became interested and thought it would be a good idea to actually know the language too.
Anyway, my question is in regard to signing foot/feet. I saw the information in your online dictionary section on the sign for 'foot/feet' but I had also seen someone do 'feet' the same as shoes except using the 'f' handshapes. Is that a signed English version? Thank you for your time!!
- Tara Lancaster

Dear Tara,
That version you mention (using "F" hands for the "SHOE" sign) is indeed signed English. I do not recommend you use that "F" handed version.
Instead I recommend you simply point at your feet (first one and then the other).

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