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American Sign Language:  "environment"


This general sign means such things as "environment / surrounding / context / ambiance."

Note: The fingers do not "flutter" on the above version of this sign.

This version of the sign "environment" also means "environment / surrounding / context / ambiance."  This version is just a variation in the palm orientation of the dominant hand. Note though that the fingers of the dominant hand "flutter" a bit throughout this version of the sign:


ENVIRONMENT-(initialized version)
This version of "environment" may be effective for purposes of "disambiguation" if you are in a bilingual / bicultural environment wherein both English and ASL are being used -- such as a mainstream high-school classroom with an ASL interpreter. For example an interpreter upon first usage of the concept "environment" in a conversation or discussion may choose to use the initialized sign for "ENVIRONMENT" as well as show the non-initialized version.  Upon subsequent usage in the same conversation or lecture the interpreter might tend to use only the non-initialized version as long as there are no overlapping / related concepts being expressed by the English speaker (environment / situation / circumstance / condition / ambiance, etc.).
If the lecture involves several related concepts, the interpreter or signer may be more likely to use the initialized version to make it clear which concept is being expressed. 

Other initialized versions of this sign are "CASE / CONDITION / CIRCUMSTANCE" as well as "SITUATION."

ENVIRONMENT: Initialized version:


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