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American Sign Language: "embassy"

Don't ask me where I picked up this sign. I honestly can't remember. I think it was when I was in Guyana. Or maybe Taipei. I get the concept though. The hand position of the dominant hand is a bit awkward, but it is obviously representing a flag posted on a building.



The version I use seems somewhat similar to the Portuguese sign for "embassy" shown via the "spreadthesign" website. (See: )   

So I'm thinking it was probably Guyana that I must have learned the version I show on my page.
The Arabic (Syrian) sign is based on a flag:
The sign used in India for embassy is also flag based:

Other than that though there seems to be a  a WIDE variety of signs used worldwide for "embassy."  I like the flag versions because as far as I know "all" (or at least "most") embassies have flags.

Jolanta demonstrates (at Handspeak) what is "probably" going to be considered the "citation" (cough cough "right") version of EMBASSY. 
That version shows up as the "ASL" version of "embassy" over at spreadthesign as well.

It would be "interesting" to see how Bryan Rodrigues signs "embassy."
Seems to me he would be quite the expert on that particular sign.


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