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DRY: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "dry"

To do the sign for "dry," change an index finger into an X handshape as your pull your hand from left to right in front of your mouth. (Left handed people do the opposite.)
You don't actually touch the mouth.




If you wanted to discuss DRYER as in clothes DRYER:







If you were discussing DRYER as in HAIR DRYER:





If you wanted to convey the topic of DRY CLEAN / DRY CLEANING, here are some options:





There is an idiom / ASL pun related to the sign for DRY:


DRY HOTDOG-meaning the discussion is DRY / BORING / DULL:


Also, you can sign DRY as in BORING / DULL this way:



If you were referring to a DESERT you could sign:






Notes:  See: DRYER

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