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DONUT: Variation 1:  Start with "R" hands at the corners of your mouth.  Then move the "R" hands in an arc forward and together so they touch about 3 inches in front of your mouth.  (Think of showing the curve of a donut.)

DONUT: Variation 2:  Use a modified "C" hand consisting of the index finger and thumb as if holding a donut. Bring it back toward you and touch your cheeks near the corners of your mouth, then repeat the movement.
Note: In casual everyday usage, signing at high speed, you don't have to actually make contact with the cheeks when doing this sign.
Note:  This sign variation was shown to me by Delight (Pearson) Lydiate.  Each year she and her husband John (both of whom are Deaf) spend part of their summers as professional "donut" makers and salespeople at fairs.

American Sign Language University ASL resources by Dr. William Vicars
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