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American Sign Language: "distance"

The right sign for "distance" depends on your situation.

Probably the closest ASL equivalent to the English concept of "distance" is the sign FAR.

FAR (general version)


FAR (version)


THERE-(very close by) "right there"



THERE-(fairly close by)

THERE-(moderately close by) "over there a short ways"


THERE-(very far away)


If you mean "distance" as in "size or measurement" then you should use the "SIZE" sign.

Note: Those are "Y" handshapes not "i" handshapes. (Make sure to stick out your pinkies.)


If you mean distance as in the width between two items you might want to use a version of the sign "BIG" (the version that uses "flat hands"). Perhaps a better description of that version would be to call it the sign for WIDTH. I'd change the facial expression into furrowed brows if I wanted to ask "How wide?"


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