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American Sign Language: "depend" / "depends" / "depend on" / "count on" / "contingent upon"

DEPEND-ON / rely on / count on:


The single movement tends to function as a transitive verb or verb phrase such as "depend on" or "rely on."  By "transitive verb" what I mean is you tend to also need an object. For example, "I/ME CAN DEPEND HIM/HER" (I can depend on him.)

You will also see this sign done with a double movement and start taking on meanings more along the lines of "it depends," "depending on," or "that depends."  Example:
Signer B:  DEPENDS. I/ME MAYBE START NEW JOB. (It depends.  I might be starting a new job.)

DEPENDS / it depends / depending on



In advanced signing if a signer has established an absent referent off to the side (for example you have identified "Bob" and he is represented by pointing off to the signer's right) the signer can do the sign "depend on" a bit off to his or her right-side and it would mean "depend on Bob."  I don't see this done very often and would generally not try to make this sign "directional."  However it can be done.

Also see "count on."


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