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American Sign Language: "Denver, Colorado"

Also see: "Colorado."


The sign for "Denver" is done by holding a "D hand" in front of you and moving it down, then up, and then back down again using a quick double movement. Some people start further to their left and move the hand sideways toward their right as they move the hand down, up, and back down again as if showing the skyline of a mountain range.


Model: Byron Cantrell (Native Deaf, Deaf School/Georgia, Deaf wife, Deaf kids, long-time ASL instructor.)

(Model: Byron Cantrell)


Dr. Bill's notes: In the video Byron does the movement multiple times as a way of making clear that the movement is up and down.  In everyday signing at high speed, embedded in a sentence the sign DENVER is likely to use only a double downward movement: down, up, down.

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