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American Sign Language: "decline"

DECLINE / "deteriorate" / "regress"
This sign means the opposite of "improve." 
Think of your non-dominant arm as a "measuring stick."  Think of your dominant hand as showing the level going down. You can do one big movement to show a major decline, or you can do smaller movements to show an incremental worsening of the situation.


DECLINE / deteriorate / regress / go down hill
(A single large movement indicates a substantial worsening of the situation).



Deteriorate or decline in small stages:


Sample sentence:
If you don't go to sign language class nor chat with Deaf, will your signing go down hill? 




DECLINE / "turn down" / "reject"
The concept of "declining" an invitation, application, or offer can be shown several ways.  One of the most common is the good old "THUMBS-DOWN" sign wherein you start with an "open-A" handshape with the thumb pointed up and then you pivot the sign so that the thumb is pointed down.

Often the concept of "decline" (turn down an offer) is expressed by using the "say-NO-to" sign -- which is a directional version of "NO." (You move the sign NO in the direction of the person to whom you are saying no.)


DECLINE / deteriorate:
Another way express the concept of "decline" or "declining" is to use a version of the sign that means "to sink down" which is sometimes labled as DROWN but can mean "to get worse" or "to deteriorate."  For example: "To decline in mental or physical health," or "a community in decline" (i.e. area, in-decline); or "My hearing is going down (declining)."

This concept is shown via one or both "A" handshapes. The palms face each other and thumbs point up). The hands wriggle downward, simultaneously.

* Special thanks to Lyn Wiley for suggesting additional versions of signs and scenarios for the "decline" concept.


See: REJECT (if I've posted that sign yet.)
See: NO

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