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American Sign Language:  "crush"


4/2/2011 9:33:56 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, yuji1 writes:

Dr. Bill,
I e-mailed you before about a typo on your site but this time I’m curious about how one might say they have a crush on someone. Specifically ‘crush’, in the young-love sorts. This isn’t for me though, a friend of mine, she’s young at heart and well…yeah. ;) ‘I have a crush on you’ is the phrase, just ‘crush’ though.

Dear Yuji,
There isn't one exact sign to match up to the concept of a (romantic) "crush" in English.
However there are a number of signs that might be used to describe various aspects of "having a crush" on someone.
I'll list a few of the more common.

"fall in love with"




This sign can have many different interpretations depending on the facial expression and the context.  It can mean such things as "pierced my heart," "it really got to me," "I was touched," "I was smitten," etc.
The middle finger is bent at the large knuckle and jabs the chest over the heart.

This sign can be used for such things as "he made my heart flutter," and "my heart leaped."  If you repeat the sign a couple of times quickly it can mean, "my heart was fluttering," and can be used to indicate someone feels strongly romantic about someone else.


This is the sign for "romance" and/or "a sweetheart."  It can mean "lovebirds."



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