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American Sign Language:  "convince"


From: "Antonio Heckstall"
My name is Antonio and I am 14. I am hard-of-hearing. I frequently use your website as a resource for my ASL. I want to know what are the variations for the sign "convince"? I know about the two hands in the B handshape, but what about the one (or two) with the non dominant hand in a 1 handshape and the dominant in a B? Are there 2 ways for this (one with the B doing a wavy motion behind the 1 and the other doing a chopping motion on the 1 handshape). Can you help me ASAP because I don't want to continually do the wrong sign :).
- Antonio

Dear Antonio,
Yes, there are a couple of variations of the sign "convince." Both the "two handed chop" version and the "one-handed"chopping of the index finger version" are good and well-accepted signs.  I'm not sure what you are referring to regarding a "wavy" movement.  Perhaps you are referring to the sign "butter-up" which in some ways means persuade and to some extent can mean "convince."
Dr. Bill

CONVINCE (2-handed "chop" version)


CONVINCE (1-handed "chop" version)




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