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CONTENTION:  "Butting heads version."  Use "Y" hands and ram them together twice.  The movement path is very similar to what it looks like when two "rams" butt heads.


CONTENTION:  "Lock horns version"  Use "Y" hands.  Bring them together at the knuckles and twist both wrists in opposite directions a couple times:


CLASH / "confrontation" "run in" "altercation" "had it out"
Do this sign relatively quickly and use a very strong emphasis on the last movement. The more facial expression and larger the signs, the worse the confrontation:



A sign that is somewhat related to contention that you might see is the sign for "conflict."  This sign "could be used to mean contention.
 To sign "conflict" you smack your "index finger handshapes" together.  Memory aid:  Think of a jousting tournament where two horse riders with lances come into conflict.

CONFLICT / contradict:

For an animation see:  Animated: "conflict"
For more on the sign "conflict" see: CONFLICT page

American Sign Language University ASL resources by Dr. William Vicars
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