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American Sign Language:  "Christ"


Form your hand into a "C."  Either hold it near or touch it to your upper chest (near the upper left side if you are right handed, do a mirror image if you are left handed) and move it in an arc down to the lower right side of your abdomen).  
Memory aide: Think of the ribbon worn by some royal personages -- it goes from the shoulder to the hip.
Note: This sign doesn't "slide down the body." It makes a slight arc in front of the body and only touches (if you choose to touch at all) at the beginning and end of the sign. Plus, it doesn't "have to" touch.  Most advanced signers while doing this sign quickly in a sentence do not actually contact the chest or the stomach/hip. 


"The peace of the living Christ be with you."


In a message dated 11/4/2010 12:05:53 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, shumcpastor@ writes:
Hello Dr. Bill,
My name is Elmar De Ocera and pastor of a church here in Hayward, CA.
I am trying to teach our children, hopefully even the adults of the church to sign language the phrase, "The peace of the living Christ be with you." Our children do the passing of the peace every Sunday and it would indeed be a blessing for the church to learn this phrase in sign language.
Thank you.
Grace and peace,
Elmar De Ocera
Pastor, South Hayward United Methodist Church
Hayward, CA 94544

Pastor, (Elmar)
I would sign it as:
To sign "LIVE" in this circumstance would be redundant and reduce the message.
You don't want to use the signs BE or WITH you because they connote the wrong meanings in this situation and are not the best choices for a "true" interpretation.
The sign INSPIRE is the equivalent (in this circumstance) of "be with you." In this sentence it would be more like "infuse your being."
However, you could also just do the :CHRIST HIS PEACE OFFER-to-you" and that would be a very simple yet elegant phrase which could, in context, convey the meaning you are seeking to convey.
- Bill

"The peace of the living Christ be with you."



"The peace of the living Christ be with you."


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