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American Sign Language: "caribou"

The sign for "caribou" is based on the showing of "antlers." 


My wife, Belinda, was nice enough to piece together that graphic (above).

I'm sure you'll agree, that is one fine looking graphic. 

What you won't get agreement on (in the Deaf Community) is exactly how to sign the difference between "deer," "caribou," and "moose" -- or if there is any difference at all!

But since you are "here" I'm going to tell you my opinion.

I do the sign "CARIBOU" with a fairly large forward curving movement.  The sign for "caribou" looks a lot like the sign for DEER.  I personally tend to just set my hands (each in a "5" shape) on my head for the sign DEER but some people do the "deer" version a bit more "up and out."  Both of these signs look quite a bit like "MOOSE." I do the sign for "moose" going further to the sides and not very much to the front. 

For those of you who are a bit like me and want to know the "back-story" to things, I dug up the following graphic posted by Allison Gober:

Picture source: Gober, Allison, 2013, April 9, "Deer Differences," Interactive Media 1 - Spring 2013.
Retrieved 7/31/2014 from: "http://art341s13. wordpress .com/2013/04/09/deer-differences/"







ELK:  I just fingerspell "ELK."

Also see: DEER

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