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American Sign Language:  "cake"

CAKE is one of those concepts for which there are many different signs.

The "right" way to sign it depends on who you ask.  You are here, that means you are asking me and so I'll tell you that your safest bet is to spell it.  Further below I'll show a few of the more popular versions I've seen.


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CAKE:  fingerspelled version:

Did you notice how the "E" was done?  In real life everyday high-speed fingerspelling the shape of the letter "E" will vary depending on the preceding letter.  The letter "K" only uses two fingers and the thumb -- this tends to carry over to the "E" which then uses just the same two fingers and thumb.
(It is certainly okay to do a "full E." I'm just pointing the abbreviated "E" out to you so that you won't think it is "wrong" if you see it. Both methods are okay.)


CAKE:  "palm down version"
When I happen to use an actual sign for the concept of "cake" I use this version:  Turn your base hand palm down.  Then use the dominant hand "claw" shape and CAKE:

Palm down version

Also see:  Animation:  CAKE

CAKE:  ("Check" variation)
I call this the "check" variation because this version is the same sign as one of the more popular signs for "check" as in "Write a check (bank draft)  to pay the light bill."
To do this sign you stick a "C" hand on your palm then slide the "C" hand forward to the fingertips of the base hand..


CAKE:  "slice a wedge version"
This version of CAKE uses an initialized version of the sign for PIE.



CAKE:  "Palm up version"
I tend to use this sign to mean "muffin," "cupcake," or small pastries:


CAKE:  "palm down double slice version"
Here is yet another version of cake.



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