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American Sign Language: "brain"

The sign for brain is done by tapping your forehead twice with the tip of your index finger.

You can say that someone is very smart by calling him or her "big brained" by holding an tight "C" hand near your forehead and then quickly expanding it into a large, loose, C-hand.


There is a sign that if interpreted literally would mean "double brained."  It is intended as a complement or a statement of awe, admiration, or respect toward a person's genius or mental prowess. What you do is you hold loose "S" hands
or semi-closed "C" hands in front of your head. One of the hands needs to be in front of the other. It doesn't really matter which one is in front, but I hold my dominant hand closer to my head and put my non-dominant hand further out. Then you make a quick forward movement with both hands, expanding them into fully open "loose" "C" hands. As you do the movement it helps to move your mouth as if you were saying "CHA" (which infers the idea of "very" large brained).


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