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American Sign Language: "Boston"

There are a couple of ways to sign "BOSTON."

The general "main" way I'm going to recommend is to hold a "B" in front of you then move it to the it to the right (if you are right handed) and then down. Note: If you are Deaf (native and/or a "highly" skilled ASL signer) and you are from Boston if you disagree with the following version of this sign please do let me know. (Dr. Bill)


Animated: BOSTON

Byron Cantrell also tends to use the "7" movement path. He does it even larger than I do.


Model: Byron Cantrell (Native Deaf, Deaf School/Georgia, Deaf wife, Deaf kids, long-time ASL instructor.)



The other way to sign "Boston" is to move a "B" handshape downward twice.

Warning: If you are chatting with someone in California and they do this will probably be interpreted as meaning "Berkeley, California." (Especially if you are talking about old Deaf Schools.)

If you are chatting with someone in the Northeast who does a sign with a "B" handshape that uses this "down, up, down" movement he or she probably means, "Boston, Massachusetts."

The "B" hand bounces downward slightly using a "down, up, down" movement. The movement is about 3 or 4 inches.

(variation) (also means "Berkeley, California)



Animated: Boston (version 2)


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