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American Sign Language: "blanket"

The sign for blanket uses slightly bent hands. The thumbs are underneath the fingers (as if holding onto a blanket).  Use a double movement, (the second movement will be a smaller repeat of the first movement) as if pulling a blanket up onto your chest. You will also see this version done with the palms more facing down and the contact on the chest being done mostly with the index-finger side of the hands.  Some people also hold the dominant hand above the non-dominant hand.  I'm certainly not going to say that is wrong because so many people do it that way. I'm just going to say that you need to be careful so as to not sign SATISFY when you mean "blanket."  (The thumbs are different in SATISFY though. The thumbs are alongside the fingers, not tucked underneath.)



If that first version doesn't get your message across, you can make the movement look more obviously like you are pulling a blanket up onto your chest:

BLANKET (Version 2) 

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