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American Sign Language: "birthday"

I kid you not -- there are over a dozen ways to sign birthday.  Your best bet is to interact with plenty of native Deaf adults in your local region and see which version they are signing.
Until you discover which version of birthday is most popular in your area (there might be several versions used in the same region) a fairly safe way is to just combine the signs "BIRTH" and "DAY." If and when you get "corrected" just smile and thank them for letting you know.

But hey, since you asked me, I'll show you how I sign "birthday."  I touch the tip of my middle finger to my chin, then I touch it to my heart.



People who are left hand dominant ("lefties") can do a mirror image. They don't have to end "over the heart." They can end on the other side of the chest.

As a student or newbie you should NOT argue with your local Deaf regarding how to do this sign. And certainly don't argue with your local ASL instructor (unless you want a bad grade eh?).  Just be flexible and "When in Rome do as the Romans do."

The generic version of "birthday" is to just combine one of the versions of "BIRTH" with one of the versions of "DAY."



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