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American Sign Language:  "behavior"

The way a person acts is considered to be their behavior.  Thus we use the sign DO-(action) to mean "behavior."  There are several versions of the sign "DO."  This version moves side to side.


In my mind, I'm referencing the fact that when we talk about "behavior" we are often talking about bad behavior, hence my serious somewhat frowning expression (below). But, really, your expression whether neutral or otherwise for this sign depends on the type of behavior.


There is also a very specific "initialized" sign for "behave" or "behavior."
This sign is produced by initializing one of the versions of the sign "DO" with a "B" handshape.



This sign uses a movement that is the opposite of the sign ACT.  In the sign "aggressive, the hands move in circles that move up, out, down, in.  When the right hand is up, the left hand is down, when the right hand is back, the left hand is out.  Try to use an aggressive facial expression.  I was tired when I did this photo-shoot.  (Long day, what can I say?)



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