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American Sign Language:  "at"

To do the sign for "at" as in the symbol @ that is commonly used in email addresses use an "A" handshape and circle it in the air as if drawing the symbol:

It really isn't an issue if you do the movement clockwise or counterclockwise.
I've yet to see a consensus on that. But in general it is standard to draw and show things from your own perspective, so that is the way I do it.



Warning!  This next version is rarely used in ASL.  
It is NOT used in phrases like "at least." 

Instead of signing "AT" in "at least you can" you would sign something like, "YOU STILL CAN ..." or "MINIMUM (version)."

Instead of signing "at last" you would sign "pah" (finally).

Instead of signing "We will meet at my home tomorrow," you would sign, TOMORROW MEET MY HOME. 

Instead of signing "Where at?"  You would just sign "WHERE?" and use an appropriate question facial expression.

I'm showing the version below not so you will use it, but rather so you can recognize it if you see it.  



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