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American Sign Language: "always"

The sign for "always" can also be used to mean forever and eternity.  (There are other variations for "forever" and "eternity" though. My point is that all three concepts can be expressed by the sign for "ALWAYS."

To do the sign for "always" h
old your index finger up in the air, palm back, and draw a couple of large circles. The movement is not small like the movement used for "single/someone/something" -- instead the movement is much larger--more like the size of a saucer (small dish). All of the movement is in the elbow.  None of the movement is in the finger or wrist, they are kept straight.


Sample sentence: "Do you go to class on time always?"



For the concept of "eternity" some people make a palm-forward "Y" handshape at the end of ALWAYS and move the "Y" forward about six inches.   In some churches I've seen people initialize "eternity" using an E in a circle and ending with a "Y" moving forward -- but I don't recommend initializing  this sign.

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