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American Sign Language: "also"

Often when you want to express the English concept of "also" the best sign to do so in American Sign Language might be the sign labeled as "SAME."  The "SAME" sign can be used to mean "also, too, alike" and similar concepts. You do the SAME sign by sliding a "Y" handshape from one side to the other and back again.




There is another sign that is commonly used for "also."  I actually call this sign the "ALSO" sign. It uses a double motion and moves slightly to the non-dominant side after doing the first motion. To sign "ALSO" you bring the index fingers together in front of you (slightly off to your dominant side).  Then you separate the hands again and shift a few inches to your non-dominant side.  Then you bring the index fingers together again.



If you just bring the fingers together, they form a generic sign for "SAME" as in, "Those two things are the exactly the same," or " Those two things are alike." 


I recommend you check out the "DIFFERENT" sign and note how it is somewhat related to this version of SAME.


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