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American Sign Language: "all"

The general sign for ALL can mean "whole" or "entire."



There is also a
lexicalized version of "ALL."
"Lexicalized" means that it used to be just fingerspelling but over time it took on characteristics of a word and not just individually spelled letters. The location moves, sometimes letters are dropped or only partially formed. You can use the lexicalized form #ALL to mean the same thing as the sign "ALL."  Notice the # mark?  When you see that in front of a sign in an ASL book it means "lexicalized fingerspelling."  

ALL (lexicalized)


The lexicalized sign #ALL is a type of sign that began as fingerspelling and eventually evolved into a sign distinct from the way fingespelling normally occurs.

Note: "Lexicalized" fingerspelled words used to be called "loan signs." Some people still call lexicalized fingerspelled words "loan signs" but the term "loan sign" more accurately applies to signs that were "borrowed" from other signed languages and became part of ASL.

Below is another way to say "ALL" by using a lexicalized form.  Notice:  I'm using two hands, more facial expression, and a larger movement than in the previous version.  This shows more emphasis. Sort of like raising your voice and stressing the word "all" when speaking.



Animation 1:  General sign for ALL:

Animation 2:  #ALL-(one handed lexicalized version)

Animation 3:  #ALL-(two handed lexicalized version)


Sign: ALL
Synonyms: whole, entire
Handshape: both hands use a flat B handshape

Location: Neutral signing area in front of the body
Orientation: Palm orientation changes throughout the sign.  In general, the right hand is palm out at the start of the sign and ends up palm back.  The left hand is for the most part, palm back.
Movement:  The right hand does all the movement in this sign.  The left hand stays fairly stationary.  
Non-Manual Marker (Facial expressions and or body language): Neutral, unless you are making a point that someone ate the "whole" pie or a similar inflection.
Memory Aid: Think of reaching into a bag of money and trying to scoop out "all" the money.
Interpretations:  Whole, entire, complete...
Inflections:  If you do the sign larger it could means things like "every bit of it" or "the whole thing."

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