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Sample of an ASL Teaching Position Job Announcement and qualifications:

Note: These may or may not still be open.  This page is not intended to be a source for jobs. Instead it is meant to give you an idea of what sort of qualifications are required for certain ASL-related positions. 

Here is an example of an announcement for a college-level ASL instructor position:
In a message dated 1/10/2007 11:02:42 A.M. Pacific Standard Time,
eldredbr "at" writes:

The ASL & Deaf Studies faculty position at Utah Valley State is now open. Please apply and/or spread the word!
The position announcement is online at the link at the end of the paragraph below.
Faculty Tenure Track, Assistant Professor of ASL & Deaf Studies, Utah Valley State College, Orem, Utah
Candidates currently being sought for Assistant Professor in ASL & Deaf Studies (tenure track) beginning fall 2007. Requires graduation from an accredited university with a Masterís degree in a closely related field plus two years of full-time teaching experience (or equivalent). Strong preference for a Ph.D. or significant work toward completion of a Ph.D. (ABD) with research in a Deafness-related field. Preference given for specialty areas that differ from those of current faculty. Candidates must be fluent in both American Sign Language and (written) English, prepared in basic language teaching pedagogy, and willing and able to teach courses associated with the Deaf Studies minor and major (pending), and the Integrated Studies emphasis in ASL. Intimate and extensive Deaf-World experience required. Deaf applicants are encouraged to apply. All applicants must be able to submit verification of employment eligibility (identity documents), Further information and application details are available at Anticipated initial screening date 3-1-2007.

Bryan K. Eldredge, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator
ASL & Deaf Studies
Utah Valley State
Orem, Utah 84058


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