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American Sign Language:  Testing
* Feedback and Grading

Final Exam: Feedback and Grading

_______ Handshape (hs)

_______ Position (pos)

_______ Location (L)

_______ Palm orientation (po)

_______ Facial expressions (NMM)

_______ negative headshake (neg)

_______ yes/no question expression (y/n)

_______ wh-question expression (wh)

_______ use of space absent referent (ab ref)

_______ horizontal sweep for plurality (hoz)

_______ incorporation of number—time (# time)

_______ incorporation of number—pronoun (#pro)

_______ inflection for degree (inf)

_______ directionality for agency (dir)

_______ use of classifiers (CL)

_______ FLUENCY (FLY)

_______ VOCABULARY (voc)



_______ Other

_______ POINTS

_______ GRADE


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