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American Sign Language:  Earning a Living

E-Book:  How To Make A Decent Living Teaching American Sign Language.
(And have fun doing it!)

Once upon a time an aspiring ASL instructor named Jennifer G. contacted me and asked for advice regarding how to succeed as an ASL Teacher. She wanted a lot of advice.  These days I post most of my advice online free at Lifeprint, but since I was freelancing at that time and had a young family to feed, I told her I'd type up all my secrets and share them with her as well as let her ask any questions she wanted--for the low, low price of a hundred bucks. Heh. Jen is a smart cookie. She grilled me thoroughly (via email) over a period of weeks as to just how beneficial the information would be. I told her, "Look, if you aren't satisfied, I'll give you your money back.  Finally after some serious deliberation she bit the bullet and asked where to send the check. 

Well, to make long story short. She sent the moola thereby binding me to my task and thus I began my keyboard campout calling forth the myriad bits of mystifying mentoring she was seeking. Much later on a fateful day of deliverance--smoke pouring from my 'puter and fingertips raw, I pressed the "print" key. "Kazzam!" The report was Ready!

And so I sent Jen the report.  Want to know what she thought of it?

Here is the email she sent me:

Date: 5/3/00 7:57:42 PM Mountain Daylight Time

     UHHH...How can I thank you for the time and effort in the information you sent! :0) Wow! All I can say is that I am really glad that I took the chance to ask and am very fortunate that you were willing to share. I have read some and plan to read the rest of the 62 pages you sent...
     I have been teaching a summer workshop to teachers in the district I work in, (but not for), for four years with a lot of success. It is run through the department of education and I know part of the success is they receive credit for the class but I've gotten very positive evaluations and enthusiastic reactions. I taught an adult education class for the township I live in and have taught sign for the Intermediate Unit through which I am I have a start...I am always being asked by teachers, parents, grandparents, etc. how and where they can learn more sign so there is a lot of interest.
     I have a lot of work ahead of me but your information will be VERY helpful and has me very excited to get started. I especially like your humor and little side notes. I will keep in touch and let you know how it is going. I may even have a question or two...but again, THANKS SO MUCH!!
Happy Spring.
- Jen G.


Now, I've thought about it for a while and come to the conclusion that there is no reason why I shouldn't make that report available to other prospective and current ASL instructors who are aiming to make a decent living doing what they love.

The way I see it, more people teaching ASL will mean more people are signing--which means there will be more people wanting to learn because they have someone to sign with!

So, I'll tell you what I'm willing to do. Since the work is all done and the thing is just sitting there on my hard drive waiting for a crash, I'm willing to send you my report for a fraction of what I charged Jen. The reason I'll let you have it for such a small price is because I'm not going to print it out. You have to do that. I'll send it as an attached document. 

Your cost for the report as an attached document is $10 (plus the $3.95 processing/shipping fee that my online shopping cart systems tacks on to all orders).

 Cost:  $10.00  (Plus $3.95 processing.)

For your reading enjoyment, here are a few of the original questions posed by Jen:

1. What was your purpose/reason you started the Sign Studio?
2. Where did you hold the classes?
3. Did you have to get approval to hold the classes/charge the students?
4. Who was your intended audience? Did you offer various types of classes and for various ages?
5. Where you the only instructor?
6. How did you advertise for the classes?

In addition to answering those and other questions, I expounded upon the following topics:

- writing your own book
- making your own videotapes, and disks
- how to hire qualified instructors
- how to get free publicity
- curriculum development/selection
- staying within the good graces of the "Deaf Community"
- to voice or not to voice
- developing your own mailing list
- developing a web site
- how to bill your customers
- and lots more!

Enough already! Still not convinced? Let me put it this way. If, after reading my report, you aren't absolutely satisfied that you will more than triple your money invested just by applying a few of the hundreds of ideas and tips I'll share with you--I'll refund your money! (All I ask is that you be honest. Decide within three days, then call it a done deal.)

I'm in this for the long haul. I love what I do. If you read the report and find yourself with more questions--ask me and I'll send you a response. (Heck, it benefits me as well as you because I can add the response to my report and make it more valuable.)

So ready to order and get started increasing your income while doing something you love?
REPORT-1 Price: $50 -- now just $10
Product Name: "How to Make a Decent Living Teaching ASL"  (62 page electronic file report as an attached document emailed to you in "Microsoft Word" format, (or email me if you want it in some other electronic format).

Order as an attached document using PayPal (this is the one I prefer).
$10.00 Plus a $3.95 "shipping and handling fee." 
Yes, I know I email it out but it still takes time and effort to "handle" the email.
Think of it as a donation eh?  There, see, you feel better already -- yes?

I almost always get these emailed to you within 24 hours.  If you don't get it within 48 hours, contact me!
(Find the "contact" link on the front page.)
--Dr. Bill

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