Resources: (A Christian video library for the Deaf)

Deaf Missions:
*Daily Devotions for the Deaf sent by mail, or posted online periodically…free
*currently working on translating the Bible into ASL.  Have finished many books, and chapters of the Bible. Put on VHS
*Video and Book Library and Store….Lots of good stuff!  Has a lot on music interpreting for the deaf, too.
*Vacation Bible School Packages…to go along with a regular VBS-includes activity books, video, tips for teachers/preachers,  teaches signs
*workshops, courses, foreign ministries, and lots of other things.

Silent Word Ministries:
*Information on how to start deaf ministries
*workshops, rallies “Fantastic Saturdays” around the country both for the deaf and workers of the deaf ministries.
*have “Sign Language Institute” teaches sign
*Free newsletter by mail
*Books, Videos, and Novelties at very reasonable prices
*free tracts and correspondence courses for the deaf
*videos have sermons in ASL
*lots of copyright free info. to buy and use for bulletins, bulletin boards, etc.
*Bible Dictionary for Deaf----has simple definitions for many of the King James Bible words, along with an example where it is found and options on how to sign that word…can be used by both deaf and interpreters.
*How to Sign Books of the Bible, Bible Name Signs of People and Places and Things  also….great because you have a reference book, and every worker can use the same signs…less confusion

Jehovah Witnesses: Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has a book, “My Book of Bible Stories,”  that has an ASL translation consisting of 4 VHS tapes. 

The Bill Rice Ranch:
"The Bill Rice Ranch was founded with the purpose to reach the Deaf with the Gospel. There are camp weeks for the Deaf, Deaf Family Week, a Sign Language School and Interpreter's Seminar, as well as a wide selection of Literature for the Deaf and those who minister to them."

Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints: in the Washington area: