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Number Games Discussion:

Items to teach:  time, ranks, age, days, money

Activity:  Have students form a line with January birthdays in front and December birthdays at the end.

Activity:  Play "Bingo" with them. That involves many numbers, takes a while, holds attention, and can be quite fun.

Activity:  Play "concentration." On one side of the card is a number, on the other side is a vocab word.
The student tell you the number in order to see the other side of the card.  If the student gets two matching vocab words he/she keeps the cards and goes again. The person with the most cards wins a small prize or extra credit.

Activity:  Buzz - students sit in circle and sign numbers.  Whenever they hit 7s or multiples of 7 they FS buzz.  If they screw up they are out and it starts again at 1 until there is a single winner.

Activity:  Suitcase game- number of items in suitcase. Students take turns (first person says 3 glasses, next person repeats the first person's item then adds 5 books and so on)

Activity:  Who am I talking about?   What I see the person has -A student stands and describes one of the people in class. For example, "This person has 4 buttons."  The other students try to identify the person being described.


Think about the old classic TV Game Shows. Then consider how you can use their format to help
teach numbers.




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