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William J. Marra Museum of Deaf History and Deaf Culture:

In a message dated 5/8/2007 9:19:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time, amsd27@ writes:
Dear Dr. Vicars,
Hello!  I hope this email finds you and your family well! 
I just went to a local Deaf Expo (my 2nd time/our city's 2nd expo) where, among the socializing and browsing, I received information on the first Deaf history museum in the country!  Please tell everyone that the William J. Marra Museum of Deaf History and Deaf Culture is located at 455 E. Park St., Olathe KS  66061  (913-782-5808).  Their website is   Admission is free, by appointment. 
Alana D.

Thanks Alana!
That is terrific.
--Dr. Bill


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