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Lifeprint Gallery: Kaytelyn: Equestrian Moments: 001:


Title:  Spring Beckons
Artist: Kaytelyn
Collection:  Kaytelyn: Equestrian Moments
Media: Colored Pencil on Paper
Dimensions: approximately 8.5" X 5.5"
Current Location:  Lifeprint Gallery
Available?  $___  (open to bid--contact
Inspiration: unknown

Collector's Note:  As the first commercially available piece in the Kaytelyn: Equestrian Moments Collection--this piece is likely to skyrocket in value as Kaytelyn's fledgling career takes off and her works become collector's items. 

Human Interest note:  Kaytelyn has been Deaf from birth. This particular piece was completed when Kaytelyn was age 12. 

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