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American Sign Language:  Homework "Love is Never Silent"

Ha!  Now that is funny.  This kid is asking me to do his homework for him.
Look folks, if your teacher gives you a homework assignment, do your own work eh?
--Dr. Bill


In a message dated 11/19/2009 12:10:27 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, Brandon writes:
Hello Dr. Bill,
 My name is Brandon from California. I am currently taking an American Sign Language class the first level at our local college...and I have to do a report on a movie that we had watched called Love Is Never Silent and i was wondering if you knew anything about this movie/report if so i was wondering if you can help me get started. I know your not my teacher but I had saw that you I think are an asl teacher...but if you can that would be great! What i really need help with is knowing where to start and what to write about in terms of the movie. I do have a couple of things that my teacher gave the class including me of what we need to write about here they are...
 1) New insight or understanding about deaf community, culture
 2) Missing info?
 3) Cultural conflicts (signing in public)
 Hope that makes sense.
 Thank you

I suggest you ask your teacher the questions you asked me:
"Where do I start?"
"What should I write about in terms of this movie?"
Also ask him or her: "Do you have an example of good reports that previous students have written for OTHER movies?"
My suggestion is for you to watch the movie twice with a notepad in your hands.  Also watch it with close captioning turned on (if you can) and write down quotes from the movie that you feel relate to what the teacher is looking for in terms of cultural insights, conflicts, or missing info.
Also, use or some other online dictionary to look up the words "culture" "insight" "conflict" etc. and use those definitions as starting points for your notes.
Dr. Bill



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