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Distinctions Project:

This page is a holding place for notes regarding a project that Dr. William Vicars is undertaking regarding helping students to recognize distinctions between very similar signs.

SOAP vs BUTTER vs MUSTARD-variation

prior class today vs before I took this class

Lesson 31:
meeting vs gather-to
pay vs buy vs money

Lesson 32:
interrupt vs sandwich
check (variation) vs chapter

GRAPES:  When doing the sign for grapes, spread the fingers of the dominant hand in a loose "claw" shape.

FLY:  The sign for fly extends the thumb, pinkie, and index finger, (not just the thumb and pinkie).
21:  The sign "21" starts as an "L" and either bends the index finger (think of if pulling the trigger of a pistol twice), or you can bend the thumb (from the large knuckle) twice (think of showing the movement of the hammer of a pistol).
DANCING:  Uses a side to side sweeping movement.

ENOUGH:  Uses two forward thrusting movements (not one thrust forward and one thrust back).  Unless you are "mad" then you can sign "enough" using a single strong movement.
MONDAY:  The movement is in the elbow, not the wrist.
Numbers 11-15 are palm back.

Drink / drinking:  non-alcoholic vs alcoholic

Date vs Meet

ketchup vs stress

you vs your

sister (right way)  vs sister-(wrong way-finger hitting finger)

Home vs Yesterday
Movie vs Cheese
Deaf school vs alcohol
Cheese vs movie
Week vs next vs next-week
Soon vs gay
Family vs class
today-(now day) vs today-(now now)
ASK-(ask to) vs NEED/must/should/ought-to
Yesterday vs home
Everyday vs aunt
Clothes vs shirt
Clothes vs dress
Month vs next-month
Year vs Year-(abbreviated version)
next year-(version 2) vs RIGHT

SOCKS:  the sign uses "index finger" handshapes, not "H" handshapes.

Compare LIKE and WHITE.  The sign LIKE ends up in an "8" handshape. 

SCHOOL: review the hand position on this sign. The hands are somewhat perpendicular to each other rather than looking

SHORT uses a single movement.  CHILD uses a double movement.




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