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American Sign Language:  "volleyball"

Variation 1 (recommended version) Hold your hands up with the middle fingers touching the thumbs. Thrust your hands forward and upward while changing your handshape to "flat hands" or "five hands." Repeat.

Start with this:
Change to this:
(or a loose 4 hand).

VOLLEYBALL: Variation 2:
In this version, instead of using the "8" handshape and changing to the flat hand, just use flat hands and slap forward in the air twice.

Volleyball:  ("I'm no crook" version)
[That joke is not for young people.  If you didn't get the joke, be grateful. (Google: Nixon)]
Initialized with a "V" handshape.
Thrust your "V" handshapes into the air twice.

VOLLEYBALL (Version 3)  (Not recommended. Considered to be English)

(Former President Richard Nixon)
Arnold Sachs http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/richard-nixon-im-crook-deceitful-politicians/story?id=17684873


My wife, Belinda, can't stand ANY of the above versions.  She uses a version that changes from loose "S" hands into "3" hands.
(Note: Despite her many amazing qualities, my wife is only so-so at playing volleyball.)

Connie Rubery, an old friend of mine, (who can cream most people in volleyball) used to sign (and I believe still does) "volleyball" with the "8-handshape" into "5-handshape" version. (The version that I recommend.)  Hmmmm.

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