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American Sign Language: "vacation"

The sign for "vacation" can also mean "time off from work," break time, holiday, leisure time, and related concepts.

To sign "vacation" (lightly) jab your thumbs into your chest an inch or two from your armpits.  If you use a single motion it means "time off" or "off work."  If you use a double motion it means an actual "vacation" or "period of not working."


Memory aid: Think of a farmer taking a break or a vacation and sticking his thumbs in his overall's suspenders.

A single quick motion means "not working" or "time-off."  As in, "I'm off this Saturday." "I'm on break."

Sample sentence: What time do you go to bed during summer vacation?



If you do this sign using modified "R" hands (or even "L" hands) it can even mean "retired."

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