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American Sign Language: "upset"

The sign for "upset" places a flat hand on the stomach and then slides it a bit upward and turns it forward and down (so that the palm is now facing somewhat forward -- as much as is reasonably comfortable). The movement ends with a bit of a "flop."


If you want to use this sign to mean "upset" as in "not happy" then use an angry facial expression.
If you want to use this sign to mean "upset" as in having an upset stomach then open your mouth a bit and hang your tongue over your bottom teeth a bit.

The sign above is not used to mean "upset the balance of power" or "upset the vase." Such meanings would be shown with other signs (such as "SCREW UP," "UNBALANCE" or a classifier showing a vase tipping over.

The meaning of "upset" as in sports when "a challenger is not expected to win but does" would be expressed through signs such as "SURPRISE" and/or "NOT EXPECT."

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